Reiki Level One

This class is 3 hours and a follow up session time 45 days after initial class.   You receive booklet and a certificate of completion. 


Reiki Level Two

Prerequisite must have completed the Level one Reiki class as well as completed the list of practicals.  Student must be actively working with Reiki energy and a two month waiting period between Reiki level One and taking this class.   This class is a four hour class and a subsequent follow up and practical worksheet completed.  Student receives a certificate of completion.


Reiki Level Three

Prerequisite must have completed levels one and two, and have working knowledge of energy centers and chakras.  Student must be actively attuned and working consistently with Reiki Energy, wait time of two months post Reiki level two, student receives certificate of completion.

This class is Five hours and two follow ups are encouraged. Follow up and practical worksheets are included.