Reiki works because it connects the universal life force energy with the body's innate powers of healing.


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I have had multiple back surgeries and have been through a lot of pain, pain that overtakes your body and mind. When I went to Heather for Reiki the first time I was cautious about whether or not it would help me, but I was amazed at how much it did. Instead of feeling consumed by pain, I felt consumed with healing. I felt peace and strength, and that wins over pain.
— Emily Jitske
I love Intuitive Mender! Heather has a true purpose on being a conduit for healing. She is truly compassionate, loving, caring and very intuitive when she is blessing someone with Reiki. I have had several Reiki sessions with her, and I could feel in my physical and spiritual body the outstanding energy flowing each time <3 receiving physical healing and spiritual clarity.
She has worked on myself, my husband, my baby (still in my womb) and my puppy <3... We absolutely trust her and would recommend her to anyone!
— Myrlis Conde
Heather connects to powerful energy that moves through her and fills us as her clients with love when we are open to it. We are energetic beings. Reiki is about aligning with our Source and allowing well being to flow. Heather is an amazing conduit for healing and peace. I highly recommend her work!
— Anne Goranson
Heather is gifted and freely shares her gifts with the world. She is professional, approachable, and a powerful healer. One will never regret spending an hour in a session with Heather. Highly recommend in every way.
— Kim Bauer Gerst
Heather is a skilled healer and a wonderful person. I consider Reiki with Heather an important piece of my self-care regimen and am so looking forward to my next session!
— Jessica Juergens
What you need to know is that Heather is a reiki MASTER (emphasis on master)... I’ve experienced sessions with other practitioners, and they’re great and all... But only go to Heather if you’re prepared for the BEST. Hands down the most powerful healing session I’ve ever experienced. My daughter and I both go to Heather. Highly recommended, you can’t go wrong.
— Zach Peters
I love Intuitive Mender! Heather has a special gift. She is a true healer. Her compassion and dedication to true inner healing come through in every session. I have felt so much clarity, connection and wellbeing every time I have gone to see her.
— Rachel Young